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Agent Elvi$

Welcome to my web page. I don't know crap about making web pages, so this is as good as you get, i'll try to get some informative and cool stuff up for anyone who wants to have a look!


To All SOF2 Players:

This is the game I play online along with a few others.  If you have come to this website, it is most likely because you played with me in SOF2 and I gave you the link to my website.  Thanks for playing with me, whether you are a beginner or a relative pro.  Chances are I beat you pretty badly, but it's alright, because not everyone can automatically be so skilled, it takes either a natural talent, or tons and tons of practice.  Thanks for visiting my site, i hope you enjoy the pictures and stats of the guns from SOF2, which are all true real-life models.  Be sure to check out the "My SKS Rifle" and the "My Custom Mauser" page to see my rifles.


Agent Elvi$